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Benoni Press is a small press that combines the arts of printmaking, writing, and creation of handmade books in a variety of forms.

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Artist’s Statement

NLC HEADSHOT1_smallI have worked as a printmaker for nearly forty years. I love drawing as a means of expression, and I love the technical challenges that arise from the process of developing my image on a plate and printing an edition. Over the years I have used my prints, along with my writings, to develop a number of limited edition books. The project of creating an edition of a book features the additional challenge of setting and printing type and developing a binding and executing that process as well. The mixture of creative and technical challenges is what continues to draw me into the vortex of printmaking year after year.

My imagery comes directly from my surroundings - from everyday life and from nature. Our daily existence is filled with pictures; arrangements of shapes and objects which are composed, usually quite by accident, into scenes that strike me as visually appealing. Beyond the visual appeal there is often, too, some aspect of the image that amuses me or evokes memories of personal connections. Working with these images gives me a respite, I find, from a world which often seems to be far too full and moving much faster than I would like. The images, the work, the printmaking process, all help bring the world into focus and give me a means to move back in my life to a simpler, less chaotic time.

Nancy L. Coleman